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Fórum » Only in English » Mach3 related issues » Profile cutting printed vinyl graphics.
Profile cutting printed vinyl graphics.
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Something that was raised on another forum was profile cutting machine printed vinyl graphics which may not be exactly to scale or may (because of the printing process) have linear distortion on one or both the X-Y axes.

At the time the graphic is designed in CAD, 3 dots (outside the wanted graphics area) and at known dimensional locations are added. The artwork graphic is then outlined in CAD / CAM software to create the GCode profile cut path.
After machine printing the graphic on vinyl and transferring the artwork to the CNC machine these 3 dots can then be camera located and the GCode profile cut tool-path (previously created) adjusted for both linear distortion and skew in more or less the same way as described in this thread http://hobbycncart.com/forum/66-195-1

Picture 1 shows a graphic created in CAD.
Picture 2 the desired Mach3 cut tool-path created in CAM.
Picture 3 the printed graphic as transferred to the CNC machine.
Picture 4 the Mach3 tool-path corrected for linear distortion and skew.

Perhaps something to think about, if you ever have the need to cut printed graphics.

(This thread perhaps also relates http://hobbycncart.com/forum/63-148-1)


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Fórum » Only in English » Mach3 related issues » Profile cutting printed vinyl graphics.
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