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Natural Science Project ?
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Here is an interesting natural science experiment / project for children and others, like me, who never grow-up.

For Millennia the basic building block for nature has been observed and extremely well documented but only in relatively recent times (since the introduction of our Hindu-Arabic numbering system) could it be expressed so easily in mathematical terms.

The ratio 1 : (1 + √5) / 2 is all around us and because it occurs naturally we perceive it as being ‘pleasing to the eye’ so to this end we have duplicated it in our architecture, art and just about everything else. We call it the Golden Mean.

It should perhaps be emphasized that this ratio it is not a law, carved in stone, because there will always be exceptions it is merely a trend but, in nature, it occurs more often than not.

The infinite pair of numbers in the Fibonacci series 1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89… are again in exactly the same ratio and if we look closely at our plants, fruits, trees etc. these numbers and the ratio are there.

Getting back to the experiment / project, the attached .dxf can be used to make a set of callipers whose points follow this ratio so that we can measure the things around us, learn from the experience and perhaps even inspire others.

These callipers were laser cut from Polycarbonate (not the best material to use for laser cutting but the material was the right size and it was to hand).


Csatolások/Attachments: calliper.zip (2.5 Kb) · 1319940.jpg (63.9 Kb)

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Fórum » Only in English » Let's talk about...! » Natural Science Project ? (Observations in Nature.)
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